Play for Free in Online Casinos

While the main idea behind visiting an online casino is to make real cash, many players like to play for free in order to have fun, hone their skills or simply try out new games offered by unfamiliar sites. There are two ways to play for free in online casinos.

Bonus Accounts

When a player signs up for an account with an online casino, they are often provided with an initial bonus that they can use to try out games. This money is placed into a secondary account aside from any funds the player deposits on their own. Some websites restrict the use of the bonus funds to certain games, but others allow players to spend this money as they see fit. Of course, any money won with the bonus funds cannot be withdrawn until the player has made deposits on their own and has met the website's wagering requirements. Regardless of these stipulations, the funds are provided to the player free of charge. The NoDepositWay guide will show you the most efficient way to play real money casino games for free, without any wagering requirements. Visit them and see how to claim the $5 no deposit bonus.

Play for Credits or Recognition

Another way that players can play for free in online casinos is to find a venue that does not use real cash at all. Here, players will compete for credits or perhaps attempt to get their name on the leaderboards for the world to see. In most cases, players are provided with a set number of credits when they sign up for an account as well as additional daily, weekly or monthly credits. Like money, these credits accumulate and deplete within the account as the player gambles. Though no real money is necessary, players are often encouraged to purchase 'extras' like Pro versions of software or even tools that make gameplay easier.

When people want to play for free in online casinos, there are two ways to go about doing so. Though playing for credits and recognition is exciting, nothing beats the opportunity to win real money on the casino's dime.