Online Casino Promotions

Online casino promotions are designed to entice players to start new memberships or retain existing memberships in a competitive market. Some promotions are certainly better than others and the casinos that offer them do more and better business.

Benefits for the Player and the Casino

Though many players wonder how casinos can afford to give away so many bonuses without going bankrupt, there is actually a very well-known science behind it. As players are rewarded with more money in the form of online casino promotions, they are likely to spend more money. This in turn results in a larger cut for the house. For the player, these bonuses are considered free money that can be used to place additional wagers above and beyond what their budget would otherwise allow.

Wagering Requirements

Another way that online bonuses benefit the casino and the players is through the use of wagering requirements. In short, this simply means that players are not able to simply withdraw a bonus as soon as it is received. They must wager a certain amount of money--usually around 20x the amount of the original bonus--in order to withdraw the original bonus amount. This way, players must spend in order to receive.

Step-Up Promotions

Finally, players must also understand that not all casino bonuses are available all at once. Some of them are given out over the course of several months, instead. For instance, a casino that advertises a $1,000 signup bonus is not going to provide players with all $1,000 at once. This may be a $100.00 per month deposit and even then only provided if the player makes their own cash deposit into the account first.

Though online casino promotions can certainly help players and casinos alike, players should always be careful to read any associated terms and conditions. This will help prevent misunderstanding and plenty of frustration along the way.